Why the directory was created

The rapid pace of new gas developments in Australia presents a range of technical, social, legal, economic and environmental challenges. A large volume of research is already underway to address these challenges, both in Australia and overseas. However, the gas sector is developing so quickly that keeping track of this research is a challenge in itself.

The UQ Onshore Gas Research Directory was created to help researchers, decision-makers, resource companies and community members to make sense of this rapidly evolving research landscape. By providing up-to-date information about what research is being done and who is doing it, the research directory aims to facilitate better research outcomes and to foster greater awareness of the nature and scope of research that is being undertaken.

The directory was developed in consultation with the Commonwealth Government's Office of Water Science, the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics, GasFields Commission Queensland, members of our advisory boards, AgForce, and the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist.

What the directory includes

The directory seeks to include all current, recent and planned research projects, across all disciplines, which relate to onshore unconventional gas development and its environmental, social and economic outcomes. The directory focuses on research done in Australia, but also includes research from overseas that is relevant to the Australian context. It includes research done by universities, government agencies, resource companies, private consultants and non-profit organisations.

Wherever possible, the directory provides comprehensive information about each research project, including its objectives and outcomes, project personnel, funding sources, timeframe and a link to online information. However, the amount of information varies from project to project depending on what has been provided by the relevant researcher or organisation.

The directory does not aim to catalogue published research, much of which can already be found in existing online databases. However, recent journal articles and reports may be included if they are likely to be of wide-ranging interest or reflect a significant research development.

How the directory is updated

To date, CCSG has compiled the directory by reviewing published information such as online reports and research profiles. CCSG is currently supplementing this information by communicating directly with researchers and their institutions to request details about relevant projects. CCSG will periodically repeat these requests in order to keep the directory up to date.

If you know about a research project that belongs in the directory, or have additional information about one that is already included, please contact us.


While CCSG makes every effort to ensure that the information in the directory is complete, accurate and up to date, omissions and errors may sometimes occur. The directory and its outputs are intended as a research tool only and should not be relied upon for any other purpose. CCSG assumes no liability for any inconvenience or damage that may result from the use of information obtained from the directory.

Please see the full disclaimer for further information. By choosing to use this website and the Research Directory, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this disclaimer.