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School of Social Science (University of Queensland)
Conflicting knowledge claims and disputes about the perceived lack of (especially scientific) knowledge and certainty occupy a central role in how impacts and risks of present and planned CSG developments are understood by different stakeholders. Martin's proposed anthropological ethnographic research will therefore investigate knowledge as part of the interactional processes surrounding CSG controversies, understanding it as a complex 'capacity to act' and thereby taking knowledge beyond arguably simplistic definitions associated with universal 'facts' and acknowledging its often contested character. Within...
School of Chemical Engineering (University of Queensland)
This project aims to produce a new generation of high flux, inorganic membranes for desalination in the coal seam gas (CSG) industry. The key concept of this research is an inorganic membrane with an intelligent, hierarchical and highly percolative structure that can recover fresh water from either CSG water or the highly concentrated brine waste streams through the process of membrane distillation. The key requirements for desalination via membrane distillation are high water flux, high salt rejection, robust membranes and...
UQ Business School (University of Queensland)
The thesis will improve our understanding of the innovation process in industries that support complex projects, by investing how firms in the oil and gas sector of Australia interact to develop innovations.