Project summary: 

Coal seam gas development can have economic impacts across multiple scales ranging from state and regional to town and local business levels. Currently there is poor understanding of the key capabilities needed for SMEs  to survive and benefit from a significant external change such as CSG development and its shift from the construction to the operation phase. Organisational resilience is the capacity to respond, adapt and transform in response to adversity. This capability is considered to be an important element that enables firms to prepare, recover and adapt to a range of disruptions and economic fluctuations. The purpose of this project is to understand key small and medium enterprise (SME) capabilities and policy settings which lead to resilient local businesses. This study investigates factors that influence performance of small businesses in Queensland towns affected by CSG development across three time periods: investment (2008-2013), transition to operations (2013-2015) and estimated future performance (to 2017). Insights gained from this research are likely to benefit stakeholder not only within this region but also in new regions likely to experience onshore gas development. Also an improved understanding of key capabilities required for organisational resilience might enable local SMEs and communities to better anticipate and plan for changes arising from gas development.

This project will:

  1. Identify characteristics and key capabilities of successful adaptation in local SMEs that are responding positively to the dynamic business environment and to the shift from construction to operations phase of CSG development.
  2. Determine factors external to SMEs that facilitate or constrain local businesses benefiting from, or adapting effectively to, new opportunities and the new economic environment, in order to inform and improve business resilience of the SME sector.
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May 2015
Completion date: 
December 2016
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  1. Industry research (working) papers and presentations providing insights emerging from the research.
  2. Workshops and communication/dissemination notes and events for a wider audience.
  3. Peer reviewed research articles. 



The SME survey and analysis have been completed and working papers and manuscripts are currently being finalised.

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