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An organisation's reputation for trust is the foundation to its performance and long-term survival. Yet building and maintaining stakeholder trust is challenging, particularly in large,complex field operations that have multiple interconnected stakeholders,such as in the CSG industry. CSG companies must understand and manage trust with their stakeholders - the community, political influencers,employees, contractors, regulators and the media,  if they are to stay competitive and maintain their social license to operate. 

Stakeholder trust is also important for research organisations investigating CSG related issues, especially where industry partnerships are involved. In the case of UQ's centre  for Coal Seam Gas, trust in the centre's integrity and independence is critical if its research and educational activities are to gain credibility among stakeholders. Following initial research protocols and management practice, CCSG is putting in place leading practice governance mechanisms to ensure research integrity and stakeholder trust.

This project builds on the prior work on CSG research integrity to develop a deeper understanding of stakeholder trust in companies in CSG sector. It is divided into two sub- projects, one examining trust in CSG companies, the industry and its regulators as a whole, and the other examining stakeholder trust in CCSG and its research activities. Both sub projects will address the following questions:

  1. What are the key drivers of stakeholder trust
  2. How do the key drivers of trust differ among stakeholder groups?
  3. How can stakeholder trust be built and maintained in the future?
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April 2014
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December 2016
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  1. A report  providing an in depth understanding of the findings from stakeholder interviews and their implications for CCSG. The report will identify priority areas for invention and practical strategies for strengthening stakeholder trust.
  2. A report providing an in depth understanding of the findings from stakeholders interviews and the industry survey and the implications for CSG companies and the industry more broadly. The report will identify priority areas for intervention and practical strategies for strengthening stakeholder trust.


Gillespie, N., Bond, C., Downs, C., Staggs, J. (2016) Stakeholder trust in the Queensland CSG industry.APPEA Journal, 56, 239-245.


Reports of stakeholder trust have been completed and results have been presented.

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